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How Many Items To Have On A To-Do List?

To-do lists can be a great way to add structure to your day. But how many items should be there ...
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How To Apply What You Learn?

Learning new things is fun. But it’s no good if you cannot apply what you learn in real life.  In ...
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Is it good to have a to-do list?

Is it good to have a To-do list?

Everybody is preaching about the importance of a to-do list. But is it actually that effective? This was the main ...
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Can Success Be Bad? (7 Points, Research and 1 Resource)

Success can be bad if you aren’t prepared to handle it. We are programmed to achieve success — be it ...
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Does Promodoro Technique Work? (Any Better Options?)

Does the Promodoro Technique actually work? Does it really make you more productive? Here’s what I’ve found: It might be ...
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Watching videos at 2x speed — Worth it or not?

Is watching videos at 2x speed a useful productivity hack or not? I’ve used this technique at work, where my ...
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13 Productivity Hacks For Entrepreneurs (No.9 Saves You Years!)

Entrepreneurs need to be productive with their time. There are many things to do that will scale up your business ...
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