Best Productivity Blogs That Actually Share Real Value

9 Best Productivity Blogs That Share Real Value and Have an Authentic Voice!

The best productivity blogs share an insane amount of value with their readers. They have an authentic voice. They share practical and actionable tips, which are often backed by data and experiements. 

After reading through tons of web pages on productivity, here are some of the best time-management blogs that everyone should read!

1. Zen Habits

This is perhaps one of the most famous productivity blogs on the internet. The theme of this blog is minimalism. And that reflects in its design as well as in the author Leo Babauta’s writing.

Simple design. A lot of white space. Clear headings. Nothing fancy.

Not only is the blog simple, but Leo has some of the most original ideas you’ll ever come across. There’s a link between minimalism and productivity.

When there’s less clutter, it becomes easier to focus and get more done!

If you’re looking to inculcate minimalism, you ought to subscribe to this fascinating blog!

2. James Clear

This is my favorite blog, written by my favorite author – James Clear! 

James started the blog in 2012. Every week, he would write 2 articles, Monday and Thursday. And by the end of 2015, he had built a community of 100,000+ email subscribers. 

You’ll find advice related to productivity, habit-building, improvement, motivation, etc.

Later in 2018, James also wrote a best-seller – Atomic Habits, which has changed the lives of so many people! 

His blog, as well as his book, is a must-read for anyone!

3. Darius Foroux

This might be a relatively lesser-known blog. But the articles you’ll find here are worth gold. In fact, it’s one of the inspirations behind Curious Captain! 

The tips Darius shares are original and actionable. One amazing tip I picked up from his blog – Productivity is the most important skill to have. Why?

Because the faster you learn something, the quicker you’ll progress. So it’s essential to know how to optimize your time first!  

4. Time Management Ninja Blog

Craig Jarrow runs this blog. And as the name suggests, the main aim of this blog is to help readers manage their time well!

What resonates with me about this blog is its simplicity. Here’s one tip I learned from here – We often think having complex systems and flowcharts would make us productive. 

But that’s actually where the bottleneck is. In fact, the simpler the stuff is, the more likely we’re going to take action.

5. Productivityist

This is a productivity blog written by Martin Vardy. He has been a productivity strategist for many big companies and some of his students include executives of top companies.

What he presents is a unique approach to looking at productivity. One of the things he talks about is the concept of quality over quantity. It doesn’t matter how many tasks we accomplish in a day or week. 

What matters more is the tasks that bring us the maximum output. This is how we can move the needle fast. 

6. Laura Vanderkam

Laura Vanderkam is an author and a speaker who blogs about productivity. Her blog focuses on doing less and achieving more by smartly using our time. This blog started way back in 2009 and has certainly evolved over time!

Today, Laura also hosts a podcast. Her blog primarily caters to an older audience with families. Nonetheless, there are valuable tips for everyone to pick up. 

7. Cal Newport

Cal Newport is a computer science professor and writes about productivity. He’s well-known for writing the best-selling book Deep Work

On his blog, Carl mostly talks about using technology effectively to maximize your focus and simply get more done.

I love Cal’s blog because the ideas he shares are incredibly relevant to the modern technology and data-driven world. Also, he’s one of those guys who ‘thinks-far-ahead’ and tries to predict the future. And as a chess player myself, I admire that!

8. Asian Efficiency

There’s a fascinating story behind the name of this blog. I won’t spill the beans here 😀 

What started as a passion project in 2011, has today become a blog read by over 100,000 people.

As with other blogs on this list, you’ll find unique advice here. However, I’d like to mention that there’s a lot of advice! Be it any productivity app, book, system – type it in this site’s search bar and you’re likely to find more than 1 article! 

So you better be ready with your pen, pencil and paper to take notes!

9. A Life of Productivity

A university graduate rejected job offers and dedicated one full year to learning everything he could about productivity! 

He interviewed productivity experts, ran his own experiments and documented them. And in a year, that turned into a book and eventually a blog.

This is the story of Chris, the man who started ‘A Life of Productivity’. 

What’s interesting about this blog is that you’ll find unique experiments that Chris conducted and the takeaways he learned from them – extremely practical stuff!


These are some of the best productivity blogs on the internet. Was there any blog that was missing from this list? You can share it with our community below!

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