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15 Platforms to Find a Mentor Online Right Now!

Finding a mentor is one of the best ways to save time. They can shorten your learning curve in half and help you grow faster.

In my professional chess career, I’ve seen people who work with the right coaches improve faster and achieve their goals. 

Now if you work remotely (like me), finding a good mentor can be a big challenge. That’s where online mentoring platforms come into the picture.

You’ll see a full list of them below. I’ll even the ones I use/have used to find a mentor. Let’s get started!

1. MentorCruise

I personally use this platform and work with a mentor who gives me feedback on my online business strategies.

You can find some amazing experts in the field of tech, marketing, and entrepreneurship. Many of whom continue to work in the field of big companies like Shopify, Spotify, Microsoft, Netflix, and others.

The platform offers personalized 1-1 calls and work-review sessions with the mentor along with chat support.  

mentor cruise screenshot

Pricing: From $10/month to $500+/month (the mentor sets the rate)

Best for

  • People in Tech
  • Marketers
  • Startups and entrepreneurs
  • Product Managers

You may also be interested in reading my review of the MentorCruise platform.

2. Growth Mentor

This is another site where I have signed up. It’s pretty similar to MentorCruise. 

It has a few additional features like a video library of content, Slack community, and personalized matching with a mentor. Some of the mentors have worked in companies like Meta, IBM, Microsoft and others.

The membership pricing is fixed. You pay for a month and get access to unlimited calls. There are also some mentors with whom you can talk for free

Pricing: Free or $75/month (billed quarterly) 

Best for

  • People in Tech
  • Marketers
  • Startups and entrepreneurs
  • Product Managers


This platform is geared towards finding mentors in the self-improvement niche. 

Coachme homepage for finding a mentor

So say if you’re looking for accountability, productivity, habit coaches, or those who can help you with fighting addiction, then this could be a good platform to consider.

Pricing: $50-$800/month (Based on mentor’s pricing per session/month)

Best for finding

  • Accountability coaches
  • Personal finance mentors
  • Fitness coaches 
  • Self-improvement coaches

4. The Mentoring Club

This is an open community and non-profit organization that aims to connect mentors with mentees, founded by Jessica Dewald and Bastian Buch. 

You can find mentors from all over the world, even those who might speak your language. Anyone can join and book a session with the mentor through this platform.

The Mentoring Club

And it’s completely FREE! So if you’re someone who’s looking for guidance but doesn’t have the funds, this is a platform you can consider. 

Pricing: Free 

Best for:

  • Finding mentors from almost every field.
  • Students
  • Learning practical skills like sales, negotiation

5. ADPList

This is another popular platform for finding mentors.

They claim to have over 15,000+ mentors on their platform from different industries, some of whom have worked in major corporates around the world.


You can get on a 1-1 call with a mentor for absolutely zero cost or even join their group sessions.

One thing though, if you’re looking for a mentor with a very specialized skill, you may not find a lot of options. 

At least, that’s what my general perception is. But, it’s an absolutely great platform to find someone steps ahead of you.

Pricing: Free 

Best for

  • People in Tech
  • Marketers
  • Startups and entrepreneurs
  • Product Managers
  • Students

6. Clarity FM

This platform is mostly geared towards business owners for getting advice on the problem they face. 

You find mentors in fields like retail, digital marketing, Airbnb hosts, SaaS, non-profits, restaurants and many others.

Apparently, even Mark Cuban has an account on this platform. Not sure if it’s still active though. You can try though and thank me later (let me know about it too 🙂

You’re billed by the minute.

Pricing: from $1-$166/minute 

Best for:

  • Business owners
  • Finding mentors from traditional industries.

7. UStrive

Are you a student looking to connect with someone who’s at a job you would one day like to be? Ustrive might be the platform for you.

It connects high school and college students with mentors from other top companies.


Pricing: Free

Best for

  • College students
  • High-schoolers

8. ScoreMentor

ScoreMentor is one of the largest communities of volunteers and expert business mentors. It’s also the Resource arm of the US Small Business Administration, which makes it partly funded by the government. 

So if you’re running a small business in the US, you could find mentors to help you via this platform, and that too for free.

Pricing: Free

Best for

  • Small businesses in the US.

9. Acadium

Imagine you’re someone who has no experience but wants to get started in the field of digital marketing.

What if you could connect with a mentor, do some tasks, and build a portfolio in the process? That would be very helpful, isn’t it?

That’s what Acadium helps you with. You can get your hands dirty by working with businesses and gaining real-time exposure.

Pricing: Free

Best for

  • Those who want to start a career in digital marketing.

10. Codementor

As the name suggests, this is a platform for those who code. You can find mentors in this space, who’re engineers and coders.

Pricing: $15-$30/15 minutes (depending on the mentor)

Best for

  • Those who want to start a career in software engineering

11. PlatoHQ

This platform focuses on making great engineers and product people even better at their job. 

It mainly caters to businesses. So if a business has some really awesome engineers whom they want to nurture for the long term, they can work with this platform.

There are mentors here from different global companies.

plato hq

Pricing: Starts from $349/month. Customer pricing for Businesses

Best for

  • Businesses who want to develop their top engineering talents.

12. One day

Imagine if you could do an MBA and build a business simultaneously. To help you, there will be mentors who’ve already built a successful business in the space where you’re trying to establish your presence. 

One day is that platform. This picture perhaps demonstrates how it d

Pricing: 250 Euros/month

Best for

  • Founders
  • Entrepreneurs

13. Woman in Tech

The title speaks for itself. Do I need to say more?

This platform connects woman mentors and mentees in STEM subjects. Apart from just mentoring, they also have a job board. 

Currently, there are over 200,000 million members in this community. And their vision is to touch the lives of over 5 million women by the end of 2030.

14. Linkedin

In a list of online platforms to find mentors, you cannot go without talking about Linkedin. It needs no introduction.

You can find one in almost professional mentors from almost any field here. Knowing how to find the right one though is super important. And it can be challenging especially when there are so many people claiming to be experts. 

I have tried working with a coach from this platform. Though it didn’t work out well for either of us.

Pricing: Fixed, monthly. ($75/month, billed quarterly) 

Best for

  • Any industry

15. Fiverr

This platform has a reputation for being a marketplace for finding freelancers. But it can be a great platform to connect with mentors too. 

I know it because yours truly is a mentor on this platform 🙂 

Pricing: $5-$100/session (depending on the mentor)

Best for

  • Finding mentors in esports like chess, dota
  • Self-improvement enthusiasts.

Final Thoughts

There are some really awesome places to find a mentor online. Are there any platforms I missed?

Share them in the comments below!

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