The most important question to boost productivity

We all want to get more done in as less time as possible.

So many people will set up a productivity system and get expert help. But there’s an important question many would forget to ask themselves.

What’s this one simple question?

It’s not how to make to-do lists, or using any other fancy productivity system. But it’s something very very simple…

The Time-Saving Question

Okay here it is:

Why do you want to save time?

As the leadership guru Simon Sinek says — Start with a Why!

This simple question holds the key to managing time. It’s fascinating how powerful this single question can be.

When I had a date in the evening…

Let me tell an interesting story…

There’s was this one girl I was chatting with. On a random sunny afternoon, she told me she was visiting my city.

couple, bench, happy-4453726.jpg

This thing alone kicked off so many feel-good hormones in my brain. Next thing we did was set up an evening date on the day she was arriving.

This meant I had to finish all my work by the afternoon only. If I didn’t, I’d miss the date.

And you know what happened?

Unlike previous situations where my work would often go into evenings, in this case, I ticked off all my tasks for the day by afternoon!

How? Because my brain had a strong purpose, a compelling WHY to finish the task in time.

An effective answer to this question

Now, you don’t always have to go out on a date to save time 😀 But what you should have is a compelling reason. It could be:

  • Spend more time with your family.
  • Spend on your 3 passion projects
  • Work on your fitness, etc.


Saving time doesn’t start with using any sophisticated time-management system. They’re the ‘how’ behind doing things. They come later.

Saving time and getting more done starts with this one simple question of asking — Why?

Find the answer to it before implementing any productivity system!

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